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SalesEnabla is your go-to SaaS Sales Playbook that consolidates sales knowledge, enables consistency and allows you to customise content, fast.

Easily integrated with your CRM system that shows you the ‘what to do’ in selling, SalesEnabla quickly and effectively demonstrates ‘how to’ do it.

The development and implementation of sales strategy and training programmes can be simple. SalesEnabla gives you access to the wide scope of best practice sales resources with the ability to upload existing materials allowing you to create your very own digitised sales strategy.

SalesEnabla holds your sales IP in a logical, easy, accessible format for your team to learn, develop and refine their knowledge. The go-to hub to refresh their knowledge, learn new skills and provide consistent messaging to tighten sales techniques and deliver superior results.

FEATURES SalesEnabla Logo SalesEnabla PRO Logo
Access comprehensive sales resources (Playbooks, Toolkits and business examples) tick tick
View sales videos to help your sales team develop new skills tick tick
Easy collaboration and consistent messaging for all your team members tick tick
Integration with other online tools and CRM systems tick tick
Personalise every detail to create your advanced Sales Enablement platform cross tick
Upload your existing tools, templates and videos to reinforce your best practice cross tick
Configure Assessments and Refresher courses to your specifications to maintain consistency* cross tick
Curate a unique Sales Academy and Best Practice digitised environment cross tick
*Coming at the end of 2020

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SalesEnabla is the go-to for every member of your team

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SalesEnabla - Underpinning your sales success

  • Consistency with step by step best practice
  • Fast, easy, effective uptake
  • Leading to increase in sales and profit

How SalesEnabla makes a difference

Engage your team, demonstrate your best practice and let SalesEnabla lead you to consistent and sustained success

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