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Matt Garman and How SalesEnabla Evolved

“SalesEnabla grew out of my journey with Sales Plus Profit”
Matt Garman is the CEO and Founder of Sales Plus Profit, a successful sales consultancy, that helps businesses achieve their aspirational objectives and fulfill their true potential by implementing his Sustainable Sales System©.

“SalesEnabla grew out of my journey with Sales Plus Profit. As I spoke to clients, conducted workshops and gave talks to business groups, I realised that very few of them had strategies to protect their business from what I describe as the revolving sales door.

I knew the value of The Sustainable Sales System© and wanted to be able to talk to more businesses to help them grow their sales and profits and minimise their risk, if and when, their top sales staff left their business.

The first step was my book ‘Learning the Ropes‘, available on Amazon. To me, the obvious next step was translating that wealth of good sales information into a software platform, to give businesses the opportunity to operate with a dynamic playbook.

It presents an opportunity to really turn around the sales function and safeguard sales experience in an easy, cost effective way, by documenting best practice and putting it front and centre for the sales staff to use.

SalesEnabla is a dynamic sales enablement platform, designed to allow a business to grow and change and reflect those changes to ensure the sales function is supported by current information. It provides real value, is underpinned by the Sustainable Sales System© and will always reflect the current state of the business.”

If your business has the potential and appetite for serious growth but lacks the sales resources or structure it needs, we can design and implement The Sustainable Sales System© that works for you. We work with and alongside you, at the pace that suits you, implementing the system within your sales team.

How do we know what your business needs?

We meet with you, in person or online, whichever is your preference, and listen to what you want. We’ll explain how our flexible working practice will benefit you and, based on what you’ve told us, recommend what we think the next steps should be.

We have a flexible range of services for whatever suits your budget, timeframe and need, including:

A review of your sales function to identify roadblocks, offer recommendations and provide a plan for next steps. 
A fixed piece of work, fixed price, fixed outcome, all agreed with you before we start.

A flexible sales leader who will run your sales team and work alongside your key stakeholders. 
Working with you until you’re confident you’re able to meet your business objectives and go it alone.

A Mentor to give you one on one high level support to maximise your potential. Your mentor will provide a unique perspective to guide and advise you, with confidentiality and commitment, to ensure you achieve your sales goals.

The Sustainable Sales System©

The Four Pillars – Vision, People, Process and Management are the foundation of The Sustainable Sales System©. Each pillar has five elements that allow in-depth analysis of your sales function to identify specific challenges and enabling corrective action to be undertaken.

Vision gives your business a sense of direction, it forms the basis for your targets and the criteria you need to meet to achieve your business goals.

People are your most valuable asset and building a successful team is about identifying and training the best people to do the job.

Process is the engine room of your sales function and a good operational structure will give you sustainable growth and repeatable sales success by ensuring your sales staff are using learnable, repeatable, measurable and consistent methods, specifically designed to achieve your sales objectives.

Consistent Management is vital to allow you to plan your time and minimise urgent action that is taken at the expense of more important planned activity.

A strong sales vision, performance management and a clear and effective sales process will ensure you run a successful sales team.

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