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SalesEnabla for Advisors - How We Can Help You

Demonstrate your value quickly and easily by incorporating our ready-made sales guide into your own specialist offerings. Use our customisable Playbook platform to underpin your sales training and consulting offering to reinforce your great work.

Ensuring your knowledge and wisdom is retained whether you’re onsite with your clients or not.

What are we offering our Advisors?

  • Earn commissions for promoting SalesEnabla for doing what you do best
  • Increase your professional service revenue by configuring SalesEnabla for your clients
  • Digitise your knowledge, wisdom and methodologies
  • Your own personalised Landing Pages with automatic notifications of new signups

Who are our Advisors?

Business Advisors, Sales Consultants, Sales Trainers, Marketing Consultants, Growth Advisors, Non-Executive Directors, Accountants, Advisory firms, Private Equity Portfolio Managers

Our SalesEnabla Advisors are able to:

  • Set up SalesEnabla instances on behalf of their clients
  • Invite your clients to login, test and share the platform
  • View their progress and engagement history
  • Embed your own methodology and IP into SalesEnabla
  • Add your own resources and templates, creating client specific solutions
  • Demonstrate your value to clients, quickly and easily
  • Differentiate yourself and reinforce your knowledge and skills

SalesEnabla has allowed me to extend the service that I offer to my clients and is a great addition to the portfolio. It provides a clear blueprint for everything that we work on together and helps each client take ownership of their sales department and become less reliant on one or two key performers. Having SalesEnabla has already enabled me to win new clients by demonstrating a much faster ROI than I could have done previously.
David Parry, MD of Selmarc Ltd

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