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SalesEnabla for Advisors - How We Can Help You

Add professional sales to your advisory and broaden the scope of your services with SalesEnabla. Our ground breaking software as a service platform is designed by sales experts so you don’t have to be.

Demonstrate your value quickly and easily as SalesEnabla helps you implement your clients’ sales best practice and improve their sales performance.

What are we offering our Advisors?

A great opportunity to add professional sales expertise to your core services to extend your ability to help your clients grow their business.

Who are our Advisors?

Business Advisors, Sales Consultants, Sales Trainers, Marketing Consultants, Growth Advisors, Non-Executive Directors, Accountants, Advisory firms, Private Equity Portfolio Managers

Our Advisors share the desire to help their clients increase their revenue in a consistent and sustainable way

SalesEnabla is flexible and our Advisors can embed and implement their own methodology and IP in addition to ours

Working in tandem, is the perfect way for our Advisors to extend their service offering and retain high visibility with their clients

Our SalesEnabla Advisors are able to:

  • Set up SalesEnabla instances on behalf of their clients
  • Invite their clients to login, trial test and share the platform
  • View the progress and login history of their clients
  • Embed their own methodology and IP into SalesEnabla, to maintain visibility and reinforce their core work
  • Earn a margin for promoting SalesEnabla
  • Charge additional consulting/training time for configuring and enhancing SalesEnabla
  • Demonstrate value to their clients, quickly and easily
  • Differentiate themselves and reinforce their knowledge and skills
  • Offer specific sales expertise and experience, especially if sales is not their background

At BDODrive we’re seeing significant growth in Advisory services. SalesEnabla is a key part of our future toolkit, allowing our team to talk to clients with confidence about business topics beyond accountancy, and helping us genuinely add value to our clients.”

Mark Sykes, Partner and Head of BDODrive

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