SalesEnabla Franchise
It just works so you can too

Providing you with everything you need to set up your own sales consultancy.

The SalesEnabla Franchise

Get better control over your work/life balance with a SalesEnabla Franchise. Access our success and experience while demonstrating instant credibility to your clients by using our sales enablement platform.

You get the best of SalesEnabla

  • Get a complete programme of structured sales tools and resources to frame your delivery
  • Gain support from an experienced mentor for your first three months (options to continue)
  • Access to our sales enablement platform to use with your clients

What will you do?

  • Run sales consultancy sessions and workshops for your clients using our methodology
  • Work with clients to review, present and implement a development plan with the expectation of a 6-18 month period of engagement
  • Use SalesEnabla as a key learning tool with your clients

Overcome Traditional
Consultancy Obstacles

  • Make your consultancy a tangible asset by setting up a SalesEnabla account for your clients where all sales knowledge is stored and accessed by you and your clients
  • Track your clients progress and engagement with your teachings by looking at their SalesEnabla activity
  • Build your clients sales processes within the platform on a rolling basis
  • Get a contribution towards lead generation

We’re here to help.

  • Call or email anytime, or chat via our social group if you prefer
  • We’ll answer your questions and help solve any problems you have
  • No need to make an appointment, we’re on hand
Get started as a SalesEnabla Franchisee today
Pic of Matt Garman

Matt Garman

CEO and Founder of SalesEnabla

Having run a sales consultancy since 2012, I know that we all do our best work when we like what we do, feel confident in our knowledge and experience and have the support and back up of a like-minded community when we need a bit of a boost. I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to set up a business as fast and as risk free as possible. I created the SalesEnabla Franchise to make this possible.

Stepping Away from Founder / Director Led Sales

Stepping Away from Founder / Director Led Sales

You know that expression ‘Lonely at the top’? Well it especially applies to running a company. A Founder/Director is likely to sacrifice a significant amount of time, sleep and often their social life, to make sure their business stays on track. The job can be tough...

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