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DMINUS30 gives a new starter fast, easy and effective onboarding. Include a logon to your SalesEnabla with their letter of offer and get their onboarding journey underway 30 Days before their official start. DMINUS30 ensures you approach every new hire with a plan, sets them up for success and saves you a fortune by reducing ramp up time and minimising the risk of failure.

Brilliant Onboarding with DMINUS30

  • Start the onboarding clock at DMINUS30
  • Set a new starter up for success with access to your SalesEnabla
  • 30 Days before their start date, get them primed with your key sales information, best practice, values and beliefs

Reboarding with SalesEnabla

  • In the current challenging environment, furloughed staff are unable to work but need to be ready to bounce back
  • SalesEnabla has your current sales information, changes in the market and updated procedures
  • All the information your experienced staff need to refresh their skills and knowledge

Get new starters up to speed with superfast onboarding starting the minute they accept the job offer

Stop paying the cost in lost management time, fees, and business interruption

Reboard and refresh experienced staff, get them up to speed after extended leave

Statistics say that 1 in 3 sales hires fail, mostly due to poor onboarding,
Ensure new starters understand your sales knowledge and procedures before their first day

  • Set them up for success by arming them with knowledge 30 Days before their first day
  • Send their letter of offer with a login to your SalesEnabla
  • Ensure they’re ready to go on their first day on the job, primed with your key sales information and best practice
  • Test what they know with the option to make their employment conditional on passing the online SalesEnabla assessment
  • Get a fast return on your investment, reduce the risk of failure and be confident that your onboarding process is fast, efficient and effective
  • Feel confident that they know everything you want them to know, on brand, on message, on target
  • Measure their progress from Day 1, full accountability, great performance, no excuses from Day 1
  • Get them performing faster and more consistently, pitching and closing deals to your highest standard
  • Ensure they’re self-sufficient, no time wasting with babysitting by your top performers
  • Offer specific sales expertise and experience, especially if sales is not their background
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